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Electronic Signatures in a Snap with DocVerify & Wufoo

By Kate Brennan · January 10th, 2013


Say goodbye to mountains of paper and lost documents and say hello to DocVerify’s amazing electronic signature solution.

DocVerify allows you to easily email a legal document for electronic signature – whether it’s a sales contract, employee form or non-disclosure agreement. Now they’ve teamed up with Wufoo to gather relevant form data to make it easier for you to get documents finalized sooner. So hello there to you too, efficiency!

To Use This Integration

  1. You’ll need an account on Wufoo as well as one on DocVerify. Wufoo has both free and paid plans and DocVerify offers free and paid plans as well.

  2. Create a form on Wufoo that will capture the data you need to send the legal document – such as first name, last name and email address.

  3. Follow these step by step instructions or watch the video below on how to integrate that form into your DocVerify account:

Big thanks to Darcy Mayer and the team at DocVerify for their work on this integration! If you’re looking to integrate your web app with Wufoo, check out our Ultimate Guide to Integrating with Wufoo.

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  1. perfectly, It informational resource, I’ll bookmark it and visit it again!

    Posted 4 years ago by Julia.
  2. Apparently you need a paid docverify account to use this feature according to the step by step instructions.

    Posted 4 years ago by Leslie.
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